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Ml350 G6 Power on no led


Ml350 G6 Power on no led

Hi Guys,

We have an ml350 g6. Powered down the system due to a passing storm. After reconnecting, system does not power up. No led on the motherboard,front panel or PSU. Changed the psu and still no change. PSU fans spin when plugged in but no led.


Any suggestions

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Re: Ml350 G6 Power on no led

in most cases the power supply backplane is the culprit.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Ml350 G6 Power on no led



So this would prevent the PSU light from iluminating? Should the PSU led be illuminated when removed from the chassis?


Thank you

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Re: Ml350 G6 Power on no led

No, the PSU LED does only turn on when the PSU gets the signal to run. A PSU alone outside of the server will not light up.
Besides of the power backplane also check the mainboard for bulged capacitors, they can cause similar problems.

So you probably need a new power backplane or a new mainboard.

But first plug out all components that are not necessary for a basic operation. Maybe a broken PCI card shorts the power supply...

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