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Model: Compaq Proliant ML350 (8J19FSJ16001)

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Model: Compaq Proliant ML350 (8J19FSJ16001)

a)System drive not detected during SCSI scanning during boot time (other drive and Tape drive detected).
Unplugged other drives and restarted still cannot detect system drive.
Reseated Server expansion board and replugged cables and restated.
Able to detect system drive but cannot boot to windows, error as follows:
Stop: 0X0000007B (……………..) inaccessible boot device.

Stop: 0x00000077(…………….) Kernel_stack_inpage error.

Stop: 0x0000001E (…………..)Kmode_exception not handled

Note: System drive detection intermittent during each reboot and error changing.

Under safe mode the error is “Hard Error”.

As per Microsoft KB articles the error is due to SCSI controller, RAM or boot sector virus.
RAM tested using Diagnostic utility and all test passed.
Updated system ROM but same error observed.
Cannot detect hot plug drives during boot time, system hangs during SCSI scanning
server feature board details as follows:
Compaq Spare: 216110-001
Compaq 64 bit 66 MHz dual channel wide ultra3 SCSI adapter-Adaptec wide ultra3

b)There is no Amber Light on the system disk (Hot plug hard disk) and no error code during POST

c)Installed ATA HDD to Primary IDE port and changed the boot controller order to IDE, but the boot controller order doesn’t change to IDE and saves to SCSI controller in slot1.

Tried disabling SCSI but cannot boot to IDE hard disk and when using Smart Start the message is “Disk not found cannot continue..
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Re: Model: Compaq Proliant ML350 (8J19FSJ16001)

Hello Prashanth,

This sounds like it could be a scsi backplane problem or possibly the system drive itself.

Backplane Board, Simplex, SCSI Drive Cage, 4-Slot(387090-001)

There is no IDE hard drive support for the ProLiant ML350.


Oleg Koroz
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Re: Model: Compaq Proliant ML350 (8J19FSJ16001)

For SCSI based Server SCSI cards can be set as first bootable Controllers
I believe you have Problem with drive itself either file Corruption MBR Virus or bad Sectors

Run ADU and ChkDsk /r
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Re: Model: Compaq Proliant ML350 (8J19FSJ16001)

Hi Mark/Koh,
Thanx for the info.
No array controller being used.
no error reported while running chkdsk.
Will try to use other drive and get back to you.