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Modifying Drive in Array on ML 370

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Modifying Drive in Array on ML 370

I typically work on our computers and only maintain our servers. I recently took one of our older servers which was out of production and loaded Windows Server 2012 R2 onto it without any issues but it installed two drives. The system drive is set at 30GB and the other drive is at 380 GB (This server has 8 72GB drives running RAID6). What I prefer on this server is one system drive using all the available space. I have downloaded the array configuration utility but not sure which options to utilize to eliminate the one 380 GB drive and apply it to the system drive. There is no data on this server so if I have to reload the operating software, that is not a problem. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Modifying Drive in Array on ML 370

After some research, I decided to download the array configuration manager software onto the server. In the configuration manager, it showed two drives as described above. I decided to delete the 380GB drive leaving only the 30 GB system drive in the array. Once the array only had one logical drive, it allowed me to increase the size of the drive to a maximum of 410 GB which I did. I committed the changes and rebooted the server. Once rebooted, I still had a 30GB system drive. I was able to go into the control panel ->computer management-> disk management and the system drive showed 30GB with free space of 380GB. It allowed me to expand the drive to include this free space. Now I have a server with one system drive of 410GB which is what I wanted. Hope this helps someone else.