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Monitor DP port on the unit Monitor HDMI port

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Monitor DP port on the unit Monitor HDMI port

ML 350 GEN10 모델 사용중 본체 DP포트에서 HDMI 모니터로 연결을 위하여 

제가 어떤일을 할 수 있는지 궁금합니다.

금일 서버관련하여 고객센터 문의했더니 서버에서는 디스플레이가 중요하지 않다라고만 답변을 받았네요

이게 무슨 개똥같은 소리인지 궁금하고, 무슨 개같은 논리인지 궁금하네요

서버장비 비싼돈주고 샀는데 모든 기능을 쓸 수 없다면 차라리 반품하는게 나아보이네요

DP포트에서 HDMI포트로 변환잭을 두개나사서 해봤는데 모니터 출력이안되길래 전화했더니 저런 답변받았고,

VGA포트로만 모니터를 쓰라는 소리인지 아니면 DP TO DP가 가능한 모니터까지 구입해서 쓰라는건지

DP TO HDMI 방법 꼭 알려주십시요.

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Monitor DP port on the unit Monitor HDMI port
Using ML 350 GEN10 model For connection from main body DP port to HDMI monitor

I wonder what I can do.

I contacted the customer center about the server today and I was informed that the server does not display the display.

I wonder what it sounds like, and I wonder what sort of logic it is.

If you can not use all the features, I'd rather return it.

I have bought two conversion jacks from DP port to HDMI port,

Whether you want to use the monitor only with the VGA port or buy a DP to DP monitor

DP TO HDMI Please tell us how.

Re: Monitor DP port on the unit Monitor HDMI port

Hi 가옹아범,


Please find below the quickspecs for the ML350 Gen10:-

On Page 4 you can see the different types of display ports available in the server and these include  DP port, Serial Port and VGA port. You are looking to convert the DP port to HDMI. Request you to check with the sales team for a suitable adapter that converts DP to HDMI.  If you are facing any issues with the server then please log a case from the below link:-




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