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Monitor user - no admin priveleges

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Occasional Contributor

Monitor user - no admin priveleges

Hello all! I'm trying to figure out how to create a monitor user that JUST has access to sensor data. We use Sensu and Sensu uses ipmitool. The platform are brand new DL160 Gen9's, running iLO version 2.50. The only way I can view Sensor data is by giving a user Admin privileges, which we don't want to give to Sensu (or anything that's going to monitor). I've gone through each of the User Permissions and get "Error: Unable to establish IPMI v2 / RMCP+ session" with anything else BUT all permissions checked and the "IPMI/DCMI Privilege based on above settings:" ways administrator. 

Is there any way to get sensors listed (whether through "sdr list" or "sensor list" when using ipmitool) without giving a user administrator privileges?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Monitor user - no admin priveleges


does the access method *have* to use "ipmitool"? If not, why not use SNMP or the hprest api to fetch the information you need? Certainly with the latter, you can create a "monitor" user account (on the ILO) that has only the login privilege (this is what I do for similar purposes).

Good Luck!

Occasional Contributor

Re: Monitor user - no admin priveleges

I was hoping that wasn't the answer :) But will accept it anyway. The way we are tooled right now is using ipmitool to query this data as we use this method with other vendors on our network. Thank you for the reply!!

Jimmy Vance

Re: Monitor user - no admin priveleges

Using a DL20 Gen9 I created an iLO test user with no special privileges.  

[linuxuser@tux25 ~]$ ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U tester -P password -L user sdr
UID              | 0x01              | ok
Sys Health LED   | no reading        | ns
01-Inlet Ambient | 23 degrees C      | ok
02-CPU 1         | 40 degrees C      | ok
03-P1 DIMM 1-4   | 26 degrees C      | ok
04-HD Max        | 35 degrees C      | ok
05-Chipset       | 39 degrees C      | ok
06-VR P1         | 27 degrees C      | ok
07-PS 1 Internal | disabled          | ns
08-PS 2 Internal | disabled          | ns
09-VR 5V Zone    | 32 degrees C      | ok
10-Storage Batt  | disabled          | ns
11-PCI 1         | disabled          | ns
12-PCI 2         | 67 degrees C      | ok
13-LOM Card      | disabled          | ns
14-LOM           | disabled          | ns
15-PCI 1 Zone    | 36 degrees C      | ok
16-PCI 2 Zone    | 44 degrees C      | ok
17-I/O Zone      | disabled          | ns
18-CPU Exhaust   | 33 degrees C      | ok
Fan 1            | 6.27 percent      | ok
Fan 1 DutyCycle  | 6.27 percent      | ok
Fan 1 Presence   | 0x10              | ok
Fan 2            | 6.27 percent      | ok
Fan 2 DutyCycle  | 6.27 percent      | ok
Fan 2 Presence   | 0x10              | ok
Fan 3            | 6.27 percent      | ok
Fan 3 DutyCycle  | 6.27 percent      | ok
Fan 3 Presence   | 0x10              | ok
Power Supply 1   | 0x00              | ok
PS 1 Presence    | 0x00              | ok
Power Meter      | 0 Watts           | ok
PwrMeter Output  | 0 Watts           | ok
Megacell Status  | disabled          | ns
Memory Status    | 0 error           | ok
C3 P1I Bay 2     | 0x01              | ok

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Re: Monitor user - no admin priveleges

Very useful test, Jimmy!

An actual demonstration beats a mountain of opinions, IMHO.