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Monitoring 35 ML 110 Gen 10 servers remotely

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Monitoring 35 ML 110 Gen 10 servers remotely

Hello Techies
I am looking for direction as I would like to do it right this time.  (The best practice)

 Purchased 35 HP ML 110 Gen 10 Servers recently for deploying to remote sites.

These are very basic applications and file-sharing servers. They are used because we want a robust device that will last for 5 years without downtime. Been using different generations of ML 110 and ML 350 since 2002.

Considering the fact that all the server ilo will be connected to the network I would like to do the following from the central location or Head office.
1. Monitor Real-time for the vital status of the servers plus the temperature, power, usage, etc..
2. Run a Dashboard on a screen showing the status of each server in real time. of the above data
3. Be able to manage these servers from the one interface (similar to connecting via ilo which i normally do in a browser)
4. Monitor the RAID (Smart array) status
5. Update the critical BIOS and Firmware remotely from the central console.

So which
1.  Software should i use thats available from HPE? (Insight?)
2. Should i keep a standalone server in Head office to host the software centrally and connect a display to the server?

I keep using HP ilo and Insight diagnostics and Array configuration utility locally to check each server.
I want to have a simple dashboard that can show the heartbeat and the status all time.

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Re: Monitoring 35 ML 110 Gen 10 servers remotely


I think HPE OneView is the best option.

Follow the below link for more clarifications.
HPE System Management Homepage Software

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