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Monitoring/Deployment DL160G9 - Which way to go with SCOM/SCCM?

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Monitoring/Deployment DL160G9 - Which way to go with SCOM/SCCM?



i'm a little bit confused about the different possibilities and their advantages/disadvantages compared to each other.


I have a SCOM and SCCM Environment and hundred DL160G9 with Advanced ILO license.

About Monitoring:


As far as i understood (and it's not easy because documentation is wide spread) i have the choice now:

- Install and configure the Agents including HP SNMP/WBEM and use the Standard ProLIant Management Pack (it's for SCOM 2007. Does it work with 2012R2? Is there nothing new since years?)

- Just install drivers (and not install the Agents?) and use Agentless Management with DMC and DMS in the HP SCOM Integration Pack?


1. What is the best and most current way to go here? I would ever like to have minimal footprint from 3rd Party (HP Agents, etc.) software perspective.



About Configuration and Software Management:

- There are the Proliant Service Packs (PSP). At the moment in version 2015.04.

- I have also SCUP. It seems that the Update Catalog is nearly the same as the PSP

- And there is the SCCM Integration Kit. There is a very nice small just driver software included. It seems that there are no agents or ugly drivers (.exe) included


2. What is enough (with Point1 Monitoring in mind) to install for initial OSDeployment (i would prefer just to use the small driver (as SCCM driver package) software for OS Deployment. Is this enough? I think if i then use the SCUP HP Update Catalog this setup will install driver and agents?!


3. If i need the agents? What's best practive to configure them before deploying?


4. I'm also confused where to find the software. It seems HP renamend "Insight" to OneView. If i download HP OneView for Microsoft System Center 7.5 there should be the most current driver (2015.04) included. But it is not. There seems that HP has mixed up something. Because 7.5 is namend "Dec_2014" and 7.4 "May_2015". The both versions does not differ much. But it seems that in 7.5 is a newer version of HPSCOMKit.


5. Are there any good and current documentations (or books?!) about that topic.


Thank you very much for your help!