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Monitoring Servers using HP tools.

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Monitoring Servers using HP tools.

Hi Guys
Question for you all.
We are a HP house when it comes server. We have about 50 HP servers combination of Blades in C7000 and Proliants mainly.

Now on most of these we have PSP installed
which includes
1. system management homepage
2. HP system tools - array config (cli + Gui), array diagnostic utility, insight diagnostics and log viewer

Is there anything else i need to add ??
I would also like to alerts from LOg viewer to be emailed to me? I see on one of out servers we have EVENT NOTIFIER CONFIG is this something i can use?

Also please let me know if you are doing this differently to monitor or server hardware \ firmware


How do you go about maintaing your firmware patches upgrade ? (centrally or locally) and how?

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Re: Monitoring Servers using HP tools.

I think you should use HP SIM:

Go through the page. Very useful in your case.
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Re: Monitoring Servers using HP tools.

We are also an HP server house, about 200 ProLiants and Blades. We use HP SIM to monitor and manage them. SIM can be configured to send e-mail alerts for failing hardware, disk threshold problems, server down, etc. You would also need to add the Insight management Agents and either SNMP or WEBM. We use SNMP
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Re: Monitoring Servers using HP tools.

Have a look at Insight remote support (IRSS and IRSA).

Hope this helps!

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Re: Monitoring Servers using HP tools.

Insight Remote Support is a free plug-in for HP SIM that will add some service and support features.