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Monitoring redundant HP R1500 G4 UPSs


Monitoring redundant HP R1500 G4 UPSs

Good morning,

We have a VMware cluster of dual-power-supply hosts (HP DL360s).   Each host is connected to two different UPSs (HP R1500 G4.)

We want to configure Power Manager so that a loss of utility power to one UPS does not cause a shutdown event, but the loss of utility power to both UPSs does.

I submitted this question to HPE support, but their only answer is to repeatedly send me a link to the UPS Management Module Installation and Configuration Guidelines for VMware, which only has examples of hosts with one UPS each.

Can someone point me in the right directon on this?


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Re: Monitoring redundant HP R1500 G4 UPSs


It would seem to me that for the fuctionality that you described, the power management software in *each* server either has to monitor both UPSes at the same time or it has to be able to communicate with the power management software at the *other* server. I don't think there is any evidence of that in the power management configuration.

Having said that, if one power supply loses power, don't you want it to shutdown the host that is connected to it? The VM cluster would continue to run on the other host.


Re: Monitoring redundant HP R1500 G4 UPSs

You've missed something critical -- all of the hosts are dual power supply.   All of the hosts get power from BOTH UPSs.   If one UPS loses utility power and runs flat, the hosts can continue running on power from the other UPS.   This is the entire point of having redundant power supplies and UPSs.

In VMware, the hosts don't monitor the UPSs.   You install Power Protector on the VMA VM, Power Protector monitors the UPSs via the network (or via network connections to physical servers that monitor the UPSs via serial), and use PowerCLI scripts to shut down the hosts.

I don't see a way to trigger the script when both UPSs lose utility power but not when one UPS loses utility power, though....