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Monthly Suspend/Hang

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Monthly Suspend/Hang

This system goes into a kind of suspend mode on a monthly basis, (not an exact month, but there abouts) however, the only way to recover from this is a reboot. I have checked the Event Log, It seems that each crash starts a roughly the same time each evening, give or take a few minutes.

There is a daily backup scheduled at this time (Varitas BACKUPEXEC)

This all started after a power supply failure, every thing was working ok till then.

My Question......

* If the power supply has caused damage to the CPU or MotherBoard, why does this happen on a monthly basis?

* Why would this application (BACKUPEXEC) make the system crash?

* And if so why does it not crash everytime the backup is run?

I was thinking along the lines of the PCI Bus getting flooded, but can find no trace of this when running Compaq utilities.

Any suggestion on what I should try next.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Monthly Suspend/Hang

Right now - I have to suggest you run a Server Diagnostics test when you can (not the "Quickcheck" version - prompted or automatic instead). This may (or may not) find any hardware issues...

Then, you may want to try setting up the Performance Monitor (NT 4.0 Resource Kit) and have it log to disk. Hopefully - you may be able to find some evidence of an I/O issue or... whatever this may be.

Also - do you ever see an ASR event warning when the system comes back up? Is ASR (automatic server recovery) enabled or disabled?