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More PL1600R 2x266 P11 queries

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More PL1600R 2x266 P11 queries

Thanks to all that have helped us with our PL1600R 2x266 P11 server project.

We have booted up the server with SS 5.50, we have got NT4 on itâ ¦Hurrah! My students have done a lot of work and have learnt a lot.

We have our first station on a network⠦⠦we are all pleased, considering we knew nothing when we started this.

We still need a few more answers and help please.
Why does this system still only work off one of the scsi hard drives?
What have we got to do to bring the other two into service, if indeed they can be? The start array controller is 2sl and every utility we run to expand or to add drives is not working. At the moment it is not really an issue, but the talk from the students is of a web server added to it and us building an intranet, I fear we will need storage and I would like to try to solve it before we get too far down the line.
Is it the 2sl controller? Does it need to be updated? We contacted the donor company and they said that the system used all three drivesâ ¦..we have drawn a blank here.
The kids are now busy configuring network machines for the next few days so they have plenty of work to do.

Previous posts should indicate what we have done so far and again thanks to all that have suggested anything.