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Move HBA and array to new server

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Move HBA and array to new server

I'm trying to figure out if it would be possible to move a HBA to a new server along with the disk in the event of a hardware failure.

I want to be able to recover from a hardware failure quickly. We currently have a DL380 Gen 9 with a Smart HBA H241 connected to a D3600 enclousure with about 16 disks. The disks are all in one volume and the OS is on a different volume with onboard drives. It's running Hyper-V with a bunch of VMs.

What I'd like to do is have a spare server and if the first one dies then transfer the HBA and disk shelf to the new one and just register the VM's then start them up.

I know the better way would be to have a SAN and create a cluster to have some redundancy but we don't have enough money at the moment to do that.

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Re: Move HBA and array to new server

Yes, you can move teh array and disks to a new server.  The array information is stored on each disk so if the other server has a Smart Array H241 you should just be able to move the disk enclosure. The only issue you will need to deal with is booting the OS.  You will need to add the boot entry into the new servers UEFI boot settings

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Re: Move HBA and array to new server

If the H241  fail the new replaced H241 should allow you to import the array configuration from the disks.
Just make sure all the drives in the original array are there.

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