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Move array from DL360 to DL380

Ken Otto
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Move array from DL360 to DL380

I have an older DL360 G3 with a Smart Array 5i Plus controller. It has 2 physical drives configured as a single RAID 1+0 logical drive. It is running Windows Server 2003 Standard. The Smart Array controller is loaded with the latest firmware, version 2.58, and I have installed the latest Windows 2003 drivers, version

I want to move the array into a new DL380 G4 with a Smart Array 6i controller. The controller in the DL380 has the latest firmware, version 2.36.

When I pull both drives from the DL360 and put them in the DL380, the DL380 will not boot.

According to HP, the Windows 2003 controller drivers support both the DL360 G3 Smart Array 5i Plus controller and the DL380 G4 Smart Array 6 controller.

Has anyone tried this? Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Re: Move array from DL360 to DL380

Hi Ken,

First I want to clarify some points to you:

1. a 2 drive RAID is not 1+0 , but only RAID 1 volume.
2. you have writen W2003 supports both 6i & 5i, that's right, but this point comes after RAID level migration from 5i to 6i. first the array migration should be supported by both the cards. for this purpose, you should be able to move array volume with the same card to new server, but in your case it is not possible because you are having integrated controllers. You can try by copying array configuration into a floppy from 5i and then restoring same to 6i controller, or flushing exsting data from 6i & connecting arrary volume to it and restoring RAID configuration data from array volume to controller, but I'm not sure wether it works with 6i /5i controllers or not.

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Marko H.
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Re: Move array from DL360 to DL380

Here is how I would do it:
- insert a SA card (that is supported by both servers) into DL360;
- start the DL360 on the 5i, so that the driver for the SA card get installed;
- start the DL360 on the SA card;
- move the SA card and disk drives to the DL380;
- start the DL380 on the SA card so that the driver for 6i gets installed;
- start the DL380 on 6i

- set 6i as boot controller and make the changes in bios according the OS selection and Serial Number