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Move arrays from Smart Array B140i to P440

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Move arrays from Smart Array B140i to P440

I need to confirm the correct process for replacing an onboard B140i controller with a standup pci P440 controller. 

This is a Proliant ML30 Gen9 running Windows Server 2016, and I need to move two existing arrays (both RAID1) from the B140i to the new P440 (intact).

However, after going through the docs, I'm confused as to the proper steps.

My understanding is that I should

  1. Make sure the existing server, controller, and disk firmware is up to date
  2. Power down and physically install the new card
  3. Boot to Windows and install the driver, then verify the card is recognized by the OS
  4. Power down and move the cables to connect the P440 to the drive cage
  5. Boot and the arrays should move over intact

However - some of the docs say that the B140i and P440 "cannot be mixed" so I am wondering how step three will work, since I would still be booting from the B140 at that point with the P440 installed but not connected to any drives.  Is that possible?

And if not, how then can I get the proper windows drivers for the new card installed, since the installer will abort if it does not see that the hardware is present?

Would really love someone to confirm the correct steps, since I need to install this card for a customer tomorrow afternoon!




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Re: Move arrays from Smart Array B140i to P440

I went ahead with the upgrade today as planned, and can confirm that the steps above are correct.  All arrays and data came over successfully.

I believe the quickspecs are quite confusing when they state the  "B140i can't mix with any standup internal controller."

I'm not sure, but I guess this just means you cannot run arrays from both the onboard and standup at the same time, since I had no problems booting from the B140i even with the P440 installed.

For anyone referencing this post in the future, a couple of notes:

Step 3 above should also include upgrading the firmware for the new card - running the SPP takes care of both firmware and OS driver.

More importantly, I found out that when adding a standup card, the server also wants you to install the optional front PCI fan (fan 2).  Otherwise, iLO throws a warning about cooling and wants to shut down the server right after you boot it!

This is actually covered in HPE Knowledge Article Number mmr_sf-EN_US000006125:

"HPE ML30 Gen9 Front PCI FIO Redundant Fan Kit with part number 820290-B21 should be purchased and installed in the server when PCIe cards are populated."

The HP guy at my distributor didn't mention this, so I had to disable thermal shutdown and warnings in the config and will have to purchase and install the kit.