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Move drives from BL20p g3 to DL380g4 - need ACU CLI help

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Move drives from BL20p g3 to DL380g4 - need ACU CLI help

I have a dying BL20p environment. I would like to move a server from a g3 blade to a DL380g4. I moved one drive from the old server to the new, and it boots. It sees the array in interim recovery mode, physicaldrive 1:1 failed, physicaldrive 2:1 OK, physicaldrive 2:0 unassigned. How do I tell the array to use the drive in 2:0 as a spare and rebuild? When I try it says "Error: This operation is not supported with the current configuration."


Windows 2000 HPACUCLI

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Re: Move drives from BL20p g3 to DL380g4 - need ACU CLI help

It appears what I am trying to do is not possible.

Steps to work around - put the drive back in a BL20pG3, boot, put another drive in the other slot, start the rebuild.

Note I did not have to wait for the rebuild to complete. Down the server, move the pair of drives to the DL380G4, boot, it will note the new location of both the drives and complete the raid rebuild.


Steps the next time I try this:

Down the server, pull one drive, reboot. Hit F2 for interim recovery mode.

I'm pulling the one drive so that I have something to go back to if something bad happens.

After the server boots add another drive and start the raid rebuild.

Log in and shut it down, move the PAIR of drives to the replacement server, power on.

The raid controller will note the new location of the drives, the server will continue rebuilding the mirror, and it will boot.

It will discover the new devices, I didn't have to load any additional drivers for the discovered hardware.

It may want to reboot to use the new devices.

If you have an HP network team you may want to disolve it before you move the pair of drives to the new server, the teaming software will hang for quite a while looking for non-existent network interfaces, and not allow you to configure anything new until it gives up.