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Move harddrive to other server

Joerg Hueddersen
Occasional Contributor

Move harddrive to other server

Hi there,

I have two companies which I sold a ML310e Gen8 with B120i RAID-controller each. These companies now have merged and want to reduce these two servers to one single server.

Company A has 2 WD RED 3 TB as RAID-1 for OS and data,
Company B has 2 WD RE4 1 TB for OS as RAID-1 and two WD RED 3 TB for data as RAID-1

Since the server of company B has hot-swap drives I want to put the two OS and data drives from company A into the server of company B:

New Company: 2 WD RED 3 TB OS and data of former company A and 2 WD RED 3 TB data from former company B

When I remove the old 1 TB WD RE4 drives and put in the two WD RD 3 TB drives the RAID controller complains about harddrives not in the right place and the ACU shows 4 unassigned drives and no logical volumes.

So my question is how can I boot the second server from the RAID-1 of the first?

Thanks for your help,

   Jörg Hüddersen