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Move old drive cage to newer server

Patrick Rouse
Frequent Advisor

Move old drive cage to newer server

My Exchange Server is currently running on a ProLiant 1600 2x550MHz w/ 1GB RAM, which is the maximum RAM this machine can use.

I have a ML370 w/ 2x600MHz & no Hard Drives. Can I move the old drive cage & RAID Controller from the 1600 to the ML370. The 1600 uses the legacy Opal Drives, and the 370 uses the Universal Drive Cage.

I just want to move to the ML370 so I can add more RAM, as the ML370 can use 4GB.
Ian Matthews_2
Valued Contributor

Re: Move old drive cage to newer server

I don't think the 1600 drive cage will fit in the ML370. I would suggest purchasing more drives for the 370 and keeping the 1600 intact for other uses (testing etc)