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Moving Arrays between Proliant 5500 and Proliant UE storage system

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Moving Arrays between Proliant 5500 and Proliant UE storage system

I have a Compaq Proliant 5500 configured as follows:

4 PII 400 Xeons
768 Mb RAM
Compaq Smart Array 2DH controller
Compaq Smart Array 3200 controller.

The drive cage on the 5500 has 5 9Gb drives configured as a RAID 5 array (with a further 9Gb drive as a hot spare) attached to the internal port of the Smart 2DH controller.

The Proliant UE storage system is attached to one of the external channels on the Smart 3200 controller and has 2 18Gb drives configured as seperate arrays.

I want to move the RAID 5 array (on the 2DH) from the drive cage and into the UE storage system (on the 3200).

I manually moved the drives from the drive cage into the UE making sure that the drives went in the appropriate drive bays corresponding with their original SCSI id's, but this did not work. Two of the drives in the array displayed the orange warning LED, and the others were not lit so I moved everything back to how it was.

Am I looking at doing a restore once the drives have been moved across, or is there any other way of performing the move?

I have also purchased a new drive cage for the 5500 (supporting the new style caddies)which I am looking to hang off the 3200 controller. Any problems with doing this?