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Moving Gen9 image to Gen10

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Moving Gen9 image to Gen10

I have a new DL380 and it's the first Gen10 machine I've worked with.   I have an image of a Gen9 380 and assumed I could use it on this unit.   During the imaging process I discovered I needed to add a RAID driver to my imaging drive as the Gen10 driver is apparently no longer a native Windows2016 driver.   

However I cannot boot the new server once it's imaged, I get a missing boot device.  I can't even see the raid volume in diskpart.   I surmised that the driver is the issue.    I loaded my image on a Gen9 box and attempted to install the new Gen10 driver (SmartPqi) but the machine is not a DL380 and therefore the driver won't install.   Otherwise I'd get it installed then take an image and write to the new box.   I have had no issues moving this image onto different HP servers so if I could get the driver to somehow install I think I'd be good.

So I'm kinda stuck here and hoping not to have build a whole new image from scratch simply because it contains many hours of custom software installs that I would have to redo.     Any help/ideas are appreciated.

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Re: Moving Gen9 image to Gen10

I should add this has a p408i controller and as far as I can tell no drivers for Gen9 exist for this or I would try those and again try migrating


Re: Moving Gen9 image to Gen10

Hi Earl,

It is not a recommended method to transfer the image from one server to another. In this case, the generations of the server are different and work on different architectures.

HPE recommends to use the supported method for the server migration. One of the HPE product is HPE Insight Control server migration 7.6. 



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