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Moving HDs from P400 to P410i

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Moving HDs from P400 to P410i

We're about to get a new ML350 G6 server that has a built-in P410i RAID controller. What would happen if we moved the hard drives from the old server which has a P400 RAID controller? Would it maintain the RAID configuration and run normally; or would we have to backup the old system, move the hard drives and redefine the array; and then restore the system onto new server?
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Re: Moving HDs from P400 to P410i

The RAID config is written to the disks themselves in a location dedicated to that purpose. The new array will read the disks and have access to the logical drives as before. They should be able to transfer to the new array controller without issue.

But as always, a backup before moving to the new server is a good idea.