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Moving array from P212 to B110i (DL160 G7)

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Moving array from P212 to B110i (DL160 G7)

I'm not sure this can be done, but I'd love it if it could.


I have a DL160 G7 that currently has a P212 controller installed, and 2 x 500GB drives in a RAID1 array with Windows installed. I want to move the P212 to another server (long story, to do with DPM, SCOM and fibre HBAs) and just use the onboard B110i on the DL160.


Just plugging the drives into the B110i gives me no joy, as the B110i can't see the RAID array created by the P212.


Breaking the P212 mirror in ACU just gives me two separate RAID arrays that still can't be seen by the B110i.


Leaving the B110i in SATA mode in BIOS lets me boot into Windows but then I have no RAID protection.


So: is there any way of getting the B110i to understand the P212 config, or stripping the RAID layer off the hard disks completely and re-mirroring the drive in the B110i ACU? Any way of moving the array/setting it up again that doesn't involve wiping the disks and reinstalling Windows from scratch?


Alternatively, and I'd rather not do this - if I spent the £300 on a P410 internal controller, could that understand the P212 array and allow it to be done?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Moving array from P212 to B110i (DL160 G7)

Hey, yes, the p410 would understand the p212 array.

When you boot it into Windows on the SATA drives you could set up a RAID in Windows.
The b110i is a software RAID anyway.