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Moving arrays between servers...

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Occasional Contributor

Moving arrays between servers...

Hi Guys,

Have several servers I need to upgrade.. current config on all of them is DL380 G2 with 2 x 36Gb U3 disks in mirror for OS and 4 x 146Gb 10k U320 disks in Raid 5 for data.

Want to upgrade the servers to DL380 G4 with 2 x 72Gb 15k U320 disks in mirror for OS and (here's the important bit) move the 4 x Raid 5 data disks across from the old G2's into the new G4's.

I'm fairly sure this is okay to do, but I thought I'd check - can I simply power off the G2 server(s), move the 4 x 146Gb disks across to the G4 server(s) into the corresponding slots, power on and the Raid5 set will be recognized and the data will all be there? The OS is Windows 2003 by the way.

I have a recollection that I may need to import a "foreign disk" in disk management possibly? And from memory, the controller asks a question about importing or repairing or something during first boot??

Unfortunately I have no spare hardware to try this out on. Worst case is I'll restore data from tape, but hey I'd rather not... it's a good 300+Gb per server and I have to do three of them in 3 different geographic locations! :)

Another related question - The old G2's just use the inbuilt 5i Controller and the new ones probably will have just the 6i controller... These are file servers but they handle some pretty heavy duty data (large engineering drawings, etc). Should I opt for a better SCSI controller (in which case, what one?) or just stick with the 6i on the new servers? Suggestions welcome!

Thanks very much!

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Moving arrays between servers...


I have done this successfully several times. The main point you need to look at is...

1. Update your Smart Array Driver. I usually would apply the latest PSP before moving disks.

2. Before moving Disks, apply the attached 6i.reg file on your Windows System (it is in the zip file with the 5i.reg file.

After you apply the reg file, shutdown and move one disk over to the new box. Boot up and you shold get the prompt to fail or move on with your Smart Array... allow it to boot and it will detect new devices. Let it finish and reboot. Apply PSP again to update drives for new hardware. Make sure you either copy the PSP locally, or have a CD. You will not be able to access the network until you update the drives withe PSP.

I would think that th 6i could handle the load. You may want to consider the BBWC which gives you the Battery Backed Write Cache and I think a 128MB upgrade. (or that might be separate.. it's been a while).

You can also just more the 2 disks at the same time, but I like moving one just incase something does go wrong... you can always stick it back in the old server and let it rebuild and try again.

Make sure you have a good backup before doing this. (though it DOES work just fine)

THAT was if you wanted to just move the WHOLE system...

Now, to answer the actual question...

Yes, you should be able to move the 146GB disks array over with NO issues at all. You may run into a Smart Array prompt upon boot up IF you have the Duplex setting on your backplane. If not, it should just read the config and boot right up. You do not need to upgrade anything if you are just moving data arrays.

Steven Clementi
HP Master ASE, Storage and Clustering
MCSE (NT 4.0, W2K, W2K3)
VCP (ESX2, Vi3, vSphere4, vSphere5)
NPP3 (Nutanix Platform Professional)
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Re: Moving arrays between servers...

G'day Steven,

Great reply! Thank you very much for that. At this stage I'd just be moving the data partition and not the system mirror as:

1. Two of the three servers I need to do this on currently use U3 disks for the OS (remember they are only G2 servers) and the G4's only take U320.

2. We have a server bundle pricing deal with HP.. part of the bundle I'm utilizing includes 2 x 72Gb drives and the BBWC (128Mb) for the 6i Controller.

So I'm getting 2 disks and the BBWC with each of the 3 servers anyway, so I only need to move the 4 x 146Gb data partitions.

Thanks again for your advice and suggestions though, I had an idea that was the case, but thought I'd check first!