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Moving arrays betwwen servers

Davey Jones
Occasional Contributor

Moving arrays betwwen servers

I currently have a DL 380 G3 - -with a Smart Array 5300 Controller and Smart Array 5i and 6 x 36.4 Gb Ultra 3 SCSI internal disks

I want to move the external cage (containing 14x 36.4 Gb Ultra 3 SCSI) from a Compaq 3000 with a 3200 RAID controller and attach it to the 2nd port on the DL 380 G3 - Smart Array 5300 Controller


will this affect the data on the array I am moving - or the one in the DL380 G3 ??


is is correct that only a maximum of 14 drives is supported per port on a 5300 Smart Array controller ?


Is it possible to put a second Smart Array controller in a DL380 G3?

John Marinov
Frequent Advisor

Re: Moving arrays betwwen servers

No, it won't affect the data.

Dunno. From the quickspecs ( it looks like 14 drives per channel. I don't remember the reason behind the restriction. You can have a single array spanning multiple channels.

Yes, it's possible to put a second array controller into any proliant server.

1) How many ports on the 5300 (which model? 5302 or 5304) are you already using? If it's only servicing external arrays, then you're OK. But the internal 2 ports are the same ports as the first two external ports. That is, there's only four ports total. Two internal/external and two external, for a 5304.

2) The boot controller order is critical. I've not had any problems installing a second array controller into a server, but they have always been a controller of the same type.

3) You may need to update the disk firmware.

4) Do you have the correct cable? The 5300 series controller uess a VHDCI connector.