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Moving disks from DL380 G7 to DL380 G8

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Moving disks from DL380 G7 to DL380 G8

I have some older Proliant DL380 G7 machines that I am going to retire soon. Bare metal LInux with Oracle DB

I also have some Proliant DL380 G8 machines, that are in a secondary support role, running VMware.

The G7s are full of disks - EG0900FBLSK and EG001200JWJNQ disks in them.

Is it possible to move these disks to the G8 machines?

The G8's have 3 EG0300FBDBR disks in them. So there are 5 slots available. I could make separate Raids with the migrated disks.




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Re: Moving disks from DL380 G7 to DL380 G8

you could check if the disks itself are supported, but the carrier is not.

Hope this helps!

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