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Multiple Hard Drives in the array showing as "Degraded (Not authenticated)"

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Multiple Hard Drives in the array showing as "Degraded (Not authenticated)"

We're seeing a degraded storage state on a couple of servers, due to multiple Hard drives in the array showing as "Degraded (Noth authenticated)".

IML consistently shows a "POST Error: 1709-One or more attached hard drives could not be authenticated as a genuine HP hard drive. Smart Array will not control the LEDs to these drives. Run ACU or ADU to learn which drives are valid or genuine."

In some cases, up to half of the HDDs show the degraded/not authenticated state. I'd venture to guess the HDDs are not necessarily faulty. 

A sample ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server shows all multiple HDDs of HPE Spare Model EG0900FCVBL. Some of them show  healthy, while others, of the same make/model, show that Degraded/Not Authenticated status. 

We've upgraded firmware and software on this, sample server, to no avail. 

Smart storage administrator version, and Embedded Smart Array P420i Controller Firmware Version 8.

Is there a fix to this issue?




Re: Multiple Hard Drives in the array showing as "Degraded (Not authenticated)"


Sorry for delay in response, are we able to work on your problem with hard drives or you have managed to fix it;
If problem persist please give me some more information from sample server:
- please generate AHS log from iLO4 interface;
- please generate HPSSA log;
- is the server (volumens) working fine with wornings;
- is this problem from first server installation;
- were this issued hard drives additionally installed or it is from first server installation;
please upload logs to ftp server:
SFTP Access : sftp -o Port=2222
sftp -P 2222
HTTPS Access:
FTP Access : ftp://dds56346:AG2ih^

Drop Box Host: (, Failover:
Login: dds56346
Password: AG2ih^ME (NOTE: CASE-sensitive)
Account Expires: 06.04.2018 11:09:30 (drop box expiry/deletion date)
Access Type: read/write

Created: 07.03.2018 11:09:30
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