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Multiple IPMI SDR entries for FAN

Arunkumar S
Occasional Visitor

Multiple IPMI SDR entries for FAN

The DL145G2 machine has only 6 fans, but the ipmi sdr list shows that it has double the no of fans, (ie) 12.

#ipmitool sdr
CPU FAN1 | 6000 RPM | ok
CPU FAN2 | 6000 RPM | ok
CPU FAN3 | 6000 RPM | ok
CPU FAN4 | 6000 RPM | ok
CPU FAN5 | 6000 RPM | ok
CPU FAN6 | 6000 RPM | ok
CPU FAN7 | 6000 RPM | ok
CPU FAN8 | 6200 RPM | ok
CPU FAN9 | 6000 RPM | ok
CPU FAN10 | 6000 RPM | ok
SYS FAN1 | 6000 RPM | ok
SYS FAN2 | 6200 RPM | ok

Is it problem with IPMI BMC driver ?
Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple IPMI SDR entries for FAN


The fan assemblies on DL140 and DL145's are actually dual fans (back to back) and each connector on the system board or front panel board monitors each dual fan assembly.

So there are 12 fans in total.

Please see attached image which shows the dual fan assembly and positions on the system board and front panel board.

I hope this helps.