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Multiple RAID Configurations

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Multiple RAID Configurations


Is it possible to configer the ML350G6 server with two RAID configurations ?
RAID 1 (OS-2 x 160GB) & RAID 5 (DATA – 5 x 250GB + 1 Hotspare)
do i need additional controller for the second RAID group or one controller can manage to handle both configurations ?
Thank you

Honored Contributor

Re: Multiple RAID Configurations

Yes. In fact this is a common practice to keep the OS i/o separate from data i/o. One controller can handle both raid groups. In fact if all the disks are in the same drive cage you can not separate them to more than one controller. The G6 servers have the new P410i raid controller which is quite powerful. Unless you have extreme i/o demands on you data disks you will be fine with one controller.

One important option is the amount of cache that your P410 came with. You should have no less than the 256MB cache with BBWC.