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Multiple Vlans in one Network Team

Springman Lee
Occasional Contributor

Multiple Vlans in one Network Team

Currently I have a network teaming on two NICs. The server has one IP address. Vlan is untagged on the switch ports, so the HP Network Configuration Utility did not assign Vlan ID to the network team.

Due to a new software installation requirement, I need to assign another IP/Vlan to this server. If I break the network team and make the two NICs to handle the individual IP/Vlan, that should be not an issue. However, I was wondering if I can still use the Nic Team and assign two Vlans to the team? Apperantly I will need to change the connected switch ports to tagged.

The problem is: On the NCU, under Vlan tab, I can add Vlans but I can't find a way to specify IP address to the Vlan. Am I missing anything?
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Re: Multiple Vlans in one Network Team

Hi springman,

Once you configure the VLANs for the team in the NCU, visit your network properties page. You will find new "NICs" created, one for each VLAN you presented to the team. In Windows the Device Name changes to:

Configure each of these new NICs with the IP address you want to assign to it from the appropriate VLAN.

good luck!
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Re: Multiple Vlans in one Network Team

and make sure to set Default/Native VLAN ID then check to Default/Native VLAN Tag. This check will be send VLAN infor to your network