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Multiple iLo network setting change questions.

Regular Advisor

Multiple iLo network setting change questions.



Is it possible to change multiple iLo network settings using ribcl ?


I need to change +- 2000 ilo's.


Please advise on the best way to go about this.




Re: Multiple iLo network setting change questions.

There's several ways around this, our PEARL script  or our utilities (CPQLOCFG) for windows.  You also have the online hponcfg if you can run it on the host.


Please advise the type of ilo & implementation you want to do (Linux/windows over the network?)

Regular Advisor

Re: Multiple iLo network setting change questions.

Good Morning 


We have a mixture of operating systems, windows,esx,linux. iLo's ranging from iLo2 to iLo4.


I currently use CPQLOCFG for SINGLE server tasks, reset iLo mainly.


For the work i require to do i will be supplied an excel spread sheet with ilo name and ip address for each server. I need to now automate the deplyoment of this to the servers. Possibly doing 20 at a time as i will have to test each deployment.


If i could somehow generate an .xml file for each server with the new settings i could run a macro from excel to deploy them.


What is the best way to perform this task ? If you could supply some details it would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Multiple iLo network setting change questions.

Dig up the HP linux scripting toolkit, I think there are examples in there of using hponcfg for this.
Jimmy Vance

Re: Multiple iLo network setting change questions.

As others have said, you can use the HP Scripting Toolkit:


You might want to grab the latest HP Lights-Out XML PERL Scripting Samples For Windows and Linux. (the only difference I've found between the two is on is zipped vs. gzipped tar, and the Windows file explains how to use CPQLOCFG, whereas the Linux versions explains how to use the Perl script that is included in both version). These files contain a large collection of sample XML to control and configure iLO







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