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Re: HP ProLiant ML150 G3 CPU Upgrade

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My HP ProLiant ML150 G3 is not turning on


My HP ProLiant ML150 G3 is not turning on. It just shows the green light when i press the power botton, and this light goes off when i let it go. No fans work as it should when the power up button is pressed. 

However there is a mother board LED which is lit near the ram slots, and there are two corner LED's out of Three small LED's which is near the CMOS is lit.  

Please advice. 


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Re: HP ProLiant ML150 G3 CPU Upgrade


May i also know if i may use two types of processors, The Xeon & a Quad core 2.7 processor together in this machine. 


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Re: HP ProLiant ML150 G3 CPU Upgrade

First to answer your query related to CPU upgrade ..

The two CPU in the server should be identical specs for normal operation .
Please refer server quickspecs to know orderable CPU kit .

Please refer Server Quick Specs for the supported options on ML150 G3 ..


Based on the discription it looks line power related issue in the server ,hence need to troubleshoot and isolate the anomly and effected FRU..

But in you case you mentioned when press power button LED turn green but no FAN rotates and if release the button server goes off .

Please refer the servcie and maintenance guide page 65 to 68 to check on the LED status for troubleshooting ML150 G3 server .

Based on the LED pattern using Maintenance and Service Guide idenitify the anomaly and the respective FRU causing the issue .

Please refer server ML150 G3 service and Maintenance Guide

Thank You!
I am a HPE employee

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