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My server has Japanese ilo firmware. Best update path

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My server has Japanese ilo firmware. Best update path

I have a dl360 G5 that ASR'ed last night.  The server came back up and I looked through the HP sys management logs, which gave a generic unknown ASR error.  It stayed up all day, so I figured I would make sure I could get to the ilo should it be needed.  When I get to the login page and beyond (I was able to login) everything was in Japanese characters.

So, my question is, can I update from english Windows 2003 or try another way?  Not sure if the english ilo windows driver would cause an issue.  Could that have caused the ASR?




Re: My server has Japanese ilo firmware. Best update path



you may have installed the iLO language pack

Language packs enable you to easily switch the iLO web interface from English to a supported language of your choice. Language packs currently provide translations for the iLO web interface,.NET IRC, and Java IRC.

refer to iLO 4 guide for more info:



You should have supported iLO firmware and windows regional support enabled. 


iLO driver (english) should not have any issue. I guess its just a interface.  driver system files are the same infact driver executable file name (for example : cp018568.exe ) is same for both the languages.


hope this helps,


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