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N100 Lan driver & TXthreshold

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

N100 Lan driver & TXthreshold

We have a number of Compaq servers (1600R, 6000,5500,ML530) running Netware 5.1 with N100 cards.

In other (non Compaq) servers, the perceived wisdom with the INTEL cards which use the CE100b driver is to allow the TXTHRESHOLD parameter in the CE100.LDI file to be settable & to set this to a value of 200 to prevent incomplete frames being transmitted under periods of load

looking at the N100 code one can see a TXTHRESHOLD parameter - indeed if you modify the N100.LDI file (akin to the CE100B.LDI file) - you can set a value (via inetcfg or command line).

Does Compaq have a view on this - is it recommended or not - should there be an option in the N100.LDI file to allow users this choice ??

Comments appreciated