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N1001 link lost NC3120

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

N1001 link lost NC3120

Very often the network adapter (NC3120) has a lost link.
No events in the event viewer are shown as a result of disconnection.
After running a diagnostic test with CPQRCMCM the N1001 link establishes
and the network works fine again.
The only events that are shown are :
ID 24 N100 N1001 : PROBLEM: Link lost. ACTION: Check network cable.

ID 16 CPQRCMC The device driver, N1001, reported a warning: Network Adapter Link Down (Slot 7, Port 1)

ID 25 N100 N1001 : Link established.

All cables are good (cat5), switch (3com superstack II) is ok.
Our other server (Proliant 1500 NT 4.0) works fine and has no problems regarding the above.
I also installed the latest drivers, but the problem is not solved.
The problem occurred only in the weekends but now it is on a daily basis and every morning I have to establish the link by running the diagnostic test.

I need to solve this problem because of a large number of remote users who needs to able to dial in this specific server.
John Boslooper
Occasional Visitor

Re: N1001 link lost NC3120

I am having the same problem on my NT4.0 Server Proliant 3000, but I am using the NC3163 Gigabit Card in it. It occasionally will do the same thing, at one time it was doing it everyday. We re-built the server and it worked fine for about 1 year and now its back to its old games again. Does anyone have a clue to why this might be happening?