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NC3131 NIC Teaming - Flaky Network connection

Dean Hoisak
Occasional Visitor

NC3131 NIC Teaming - Flaky Network connection

We have 6 Proliant 6500 and 1 Proliant 7000 with the NC3131 Dual port fast ethernet NIC cards installed. These servers were running NT 4.0 SP6a and recently a direct roll-up upgrade to Win2K SP3 was performed. Before the upgrade, we disolved the NIC Team, and deleted the Teaming Protocol drivers.
After the upgrade, we installed the NIC & NIC teaming drivers from the Smart start 5.4 CD. We configured a load balancing team with the 2 ports, and all appeared fine.

Within a few hours of the upgrade, the network connections were going up and down intermittantly. we would leave a continuous ping going for 2 hours and would get 30 to 40 % packet loss. There is a Cabletron SSR8600 super-switch that these servers a directly connected to. At certain times the disconnect would last upwards of 5 to 7 minutes at a time.
We updated the N100NT5.sys drivers from 5.41.xx to 6.1.3 and the teaming drivers to 5.50 and even tried 6.0 teaming drivers. This problem continues even with the updated drivers. The solution for the time being was to break the team and only operate with one active NIC. My question is.. would upgrading to the NC3134 solve this problem, or does any else know how to solve this? Is there a registry key that got changed in the upgrade?
Please Help.

Thanks in Advance
Dean Hoisak