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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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NC360T and DL380G4

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Occasional Advisor

NC360T and DL380G4

Hi all,


Saturday I thought to add a NC360T to a DL380G4 but I had some difficulties. The slot was much longer than the connector on the NIC, the force needed to insert the NIc into the slot was quite high and I was afraid to bend and break something so I gave up.


Can anybody of you confirm that I can install such NIC in the server?


From this post, found after having tried to insert such card in the server,


I came up with this document


Where the ni NC360T is mentioned


Just to give you an idea, the riser board is the following


Is the NC360T supposed to fin in there?


Otherwise which NIC should I buy?

I need it because one of the sockets doesn't retain the acble's plug any more.







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Occasional Advisor

Re: NC360T and DL380G4

I guess the slots on the riser board are PCI eXtended (PCI-X)



whilst the connector of the NC360T is a PCI express


and hence non-compatible at all.


Which card can I insert?





Jimmy Vance

Re: NC360T and DL380G4

I'm pretty sure the default riser card in the DL380 G4 had PCI-X slots. THe NC360T is a PCI-e device. There was an optional PCI-e Riser card for the server.


You can refer to the Quickspecs


PCI Express Riser Cage Option Kit 354675-B21
NOTE: Not Supported on SAS models.

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Occasional Advisor

Re: NC360T and DL380G4

Thanks Jimmy


I'll buy PCI-X cards, even though they are old and less performant. I need just to add some network redundancy but hopefully the entire serve rwill be replaced soon :-)