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Rita Salim
Occasional Advisor


Has anyone encountered about this NC360T nic card. My user is complainig this card installed in DL360G5 or ML350G5 running Windows 2003 with SP1, the issue is when set the speed to 100MB and Full duplex of the NC360T, then whenever we unplugged the NIC cable from the switch. It will cause the CPU utilization to high on the server.

The user said the CPU spike won't happen when the speed and duplex of the NC360T is set to Automatic. But the user's requirement has to use 100MB/Full duplex.

The user also said he has tested to use a cross cable to connect from the NC360T to a laptop computer, when unplug from the notebook, this CPU spike will happen on the server. So it has nothing to do with the switch.

The user also said he tried the driver version and even upgraded to, make no different, it still has the cpu spike whenever the nic cable is disconnected.

He also mentioned that this happen not only in normal NIC connect, under Teaming will also have this issue.

Had tried the NCU version from 8.40 to 8.55 make no different.

He also said in NCU, there is another issue is the NIC will show unknown status. Here are the steps that he provided to generate it.

During the testing of NIC teaming (NFT), we tried to plug and unplug the network cables from the teamed NICs. In one of our tests, after we had unplugged the secondary network cable as usual, we observed that the secondary NIC status (showing in the NCU->Team Properties->Teaming Controls tab) turned into "Wire Fault" (network disconnected) but the primary NIC status turned into "Unknown" state. Although the primary network cable is still there and the we can see the increment of the data received count on the NIC driver of the primary NIC. Our Application, and also NCU->Team Properties->Team utilization cannot see any data received. It seems that the data could reach the NIC driver but could not pass to higher level.

Not sure has anyone seen this before?