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NC364T VLAN configuration

JG Systems
Occasional Contributor

NC364T VLAN configuration

A customer of mine has 3 identical HP DL380 G5s which each have an HP NC364T Quad Port network card installed.

2 of the servers are part of a HyperV cluster, and we are attempting to add the third.

The network cards all plug into different VLAN on one switch to separate the different networks required by FailOver Clustering in Server 2008 R2.

The first 2 servers are operating a expected, however the 3rd server can not communicate over 2 of the Quad Ports that are in VLANs

Ports 1 & 2 are teamed and are in the Default VLAN and these work fine.

Ports 3 & 4 are in VLAN 30 and 40 respectively and these are unable to see the other servers on this VLAN, if I move the port to the default VLAN they all work again.

Before anyone says it is a switch issue, I am able to plug the 2 working servers into any of the other ports for that VLAN and they work.

All the servers are running the same driver and the same version of the HP Network Config Utility, and I never done anything special to those to make them work.

The switch doesn't do anything crazy, I have simply created 3 additional untagged VLANs to separate the different networks (iSCSI, Failover, Heartbeat)

To make things stranger, the Onboard NC373i network card is being used for iSCSI in iSCSI VLAN mentioned above on the same switch, and this works without issue.

I am about to call HP to get the card swapped out under warranty, as to diagnose if it is an issue with the card, as I have exhausted all other software issues.
JG Systems
Occasional Contributor

Re: NC364T VLAN configuration

Forgot to add, that not only are there the 2 servers at this site with this config. I also have the same configuration/same hardware/same software at 3 other sites, this is the only one that has experienced this issue with the Quad Port Network Card.