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NC373i - The problems continue

Stuart Collard
Occasional Contributor

NC373i - The problems continue

I've seen many posts regarding the Nc373i nic in various servers causing all kinds of issues when teamed. The problems seem to exist mainly when newer drivers are installed.
Has HP come out with any official position on which driver version we should be using, and which version of the teaming software works?

Most of us are working in a production environment, and the issues on both my DL580's and BL460's are making it very difficult for me to recommend installing a production app on an HP server.

I'm seeing teams not forming correctly, dissolved teams not reforming (team shows disconnected), network stack server lock up issues, xml errors, drivers not updating correctly (show up with the yellow !)

Anybody found a silver bullet on this, or is reverting to old drivers and software the only way out?

Many Thanks

Gary Antonio Benavides
Trusted Contributor

Re: NC373i - The problems continue

Do you have Microsoftâ s update KB948496 released on March 31, 2008. This application will not let users teaming features in network configuration utility.

As a last resort:
- make sure the latest NIC and Teaming driver executables are stored locally on the system
- remove the HP Network Configuration Utility: go to the properties of one of the LACs, click HP Network Configuration Utility and click uninstall
- set all non-Windows, 3rd party services to disabled, such as network backup clients, firewalls, virus tools, network management/monitoring tools
- reboot
- go to device manager and click uninstall on all NICs
- search the hard drive for bx* and delete every file that shows up (these are the Multifunction NIC driver files).
- reboot
- extract the Multifunction NIC cp00xxxx.exe files to a directory
- go to Device Manager, click system devices (you will see multiple devices with a yellow !) right click and click update driver, click no, click install from a specific location, click don't search, Have Disk and point to the directory where you extracted the multifunction NIC driver files
- point to bxvbd.inf
- install teaming software
- reteam adapters if desired and reconfigure as necessary
- Verify
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