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NC375T Quad Port Nic & Loopback Adapter

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NC375T Quad Port Nic & Loopback Adapter

We recently got some DL380 G7's in to use as VMware hosts and this was the first time we got the NC375T Quad port as the additional NIC with them.

With some hosts we do not use all 8 NIC's and maybe only use 6. Normally for the unused NIC's I will plug in a loop back jack into the port to avoid errors from HP Systems Insight manager about down ports but that does not seem to work on this adapter? I tested the port and it works but loop back jacks at 10/100 or 1000 don’t work.

I researched disabling the NIC in ESXi, and it seems like more pain that it's worth. I went into the BIOS and I can only enable/disable the card not individual ports?

Has anyone else seen this or had problems with loop back jacks and add on cards?


Occasional Contributor

Re: NC375T Quad Port Nic & Loopback Adapter

HP does not have a tested/approved loopback adapter for this card. They had a tech article about not having link on these on switches with loopback protection on a older firmware. Flashed the latest and still doesnt work.