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NC522SFP on DL580 G5 - 10G card disables both ports

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NC522SFP on DL580 G5 - 10G card disables both ports

We installed the NC522SFPs 10G cards in our Proliant DL580 G5 servers back in October and we are having problems with them. Basically, the device will disable both ports on the card rendering the server unreachable. We have to reboot to bring the ports back on line. These are critical servers so this is completely unacceptable.
We are running Windows 2003 x64 with SP2. Our firmware and drivers are up-to-date. I found a new driver/firmware for the NIC from Dec so I am in the process of upgrading all of the servers but looking at the fixes, nothing about this is mentioned.
This problem usually only happens to servers under load, but I did have one instance of this happening to a server that was not under load.
I saw some advisories about Heat and setting the fan speeds, but that advisory specifically mentions slots 1 and 3, and this in slot 6 or something like that.
I know that each adapter requires 2GB of memory, these servers normally run with at least 5 GB of free memory. I added an additional check to monitor that just in case.
Is anybody else experiencing this problem? Help!
Michael A. McKenney
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Re: NC522SFP on DL580 G5 - 10G card disables both ports

Did you team them? Try each port separate. Did you put it in the riser? Try a regular PCIe slot. I would add RAM with dual 10 Gbpe.