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NC6770 NIC Teaming problems

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NC6770 NIC Teaming problems

Using Win2K Server on a Proliant DL580 (G1). I installed drivers from SmartStart 7.1. The two fiber adapters work when not teamed. They work when initially teaming them. However after rebooting the team fails (with red "x"). Has anyone seen this problem?
Gabriel Mubelayi
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Re: NC6770 NIC Teaming problems

Having the same problem with NC7782 on a DL380 G4.
Caster Troy
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Re: NC6770 NIC Teaming problems

same problem almost, when 2 NC6770 are in a team communcation problems occur, bytes sent enormously but not received properly, if team is dissolved then it works fine. Moreover 1 of the NC6770 is disabled itself sometimes and I have to enable it again, this is the most weird thing happening.
Evil Has Its Winning Ways
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Re: NC6770 NIC Teaming problems

Hi David,
While the red X means "failed", there are numerous reasons for the failure. Looking at the "Team Member Status" column on the Information Tab of the Team properties will provide the specific reason.

If you pinpoint the reason, please post a reply and we can go from there.

Here is a list of reasons:
§ Wire Fault. The member does not have link.
§ Failed (Active Path). The member is not receiving replies from the configured echo node.
§ Failed (Split LAN:FP). Team members are receiving BPDUs from different networks.
§ Failed (Fast Path). Team member is not receiving BPDUs or correct BPDUs.
§ Failed (LACP). The team member failed to establish a LACP channel.
§ Failed (LACP Standby). The team member is failed because the team has more members than the switch supports in the LACP protocol. The port is blocked by the switch.
§ Failed (Rx Path). The team member is not receiving packets.
§ Failed (Tx Path). A failure occurred while attempting to send a packet on the team member.
§ Failed (Multiple). The team member has multiple failed conditions.
§ Failed (Router Path). Team member is not receiving router protocol frames.
§ Failed (Split LAN:RP). Team members are receiving router protocol frames from different networks.

Best regards,
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Re: NC6770 NIC Teaming problems

I have the same problem with NC553i NIC teaming :

I have a new HP PL 460c G7 , i installed new Windows server 2008 R2 and Proliant Support Pack 9.10

The HP Network configuration utility v. 10.60.0 The NC553i Driver is 4.1.370 and Firmware is 4.1.402.20 ..




I just found out the Status of one of the  NC553i Adapters is Failed (RX Path).


 Thanks in advice.