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NC7770 and Server 2008 with DL380 G3?

Preston Gallwas
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NC7770 and Server 2008 with DL380 G3?

Hi all,

I have 2 DL380 G3's I want to cluster in server 2008. NIC1 will be network access for clients, NIC2 will be ISCSI, then the add in NIC, NC7770 will be used for the cluster heartbeat.

However, when I installed the NC7770 into the server (PCI-X 133mhz) then booted the server, the two integrated NIC's were disabled with error 22 and could not be enabled. Additionally, the NC7770 could not start. The driver was listed as installed but could not load.

I then tried to update the driver(s) from both the PSP

Does installing a PCI-X NIC disable the onboard NIC's? Any ideas?
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Re: NC7770 and Server 2008 with DL380 G3?


what error you got when try installing the driver itself?〈=en&cc=us&mode=5&

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Terry Hutchings
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Re: NC7770 and Server 2008 with DL380 G3?

These are DL380 G3's or G5's? The G5 is the only one with an embedded NIC which will support iSCSI. I'm not sure what results you would have if you installed the NC7770 in a G5. It would not be supported by HP.

If this is a G3, then there should not be a problem with using this NIC in the server. It isn't listed specifically as being supported in the G3, but should work anyway. Adding a NIC into one of the PCI slots should not disable (in the OS or in BIOS) one or both of the embedded NC7781's.
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