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NC7770 on WinNT, Server Reboot

Occasional Contributor

NC7770 on WinNT, Server Reboot

Attached is the information for triggering the reboot if the hp network properties are invoked. Only two additional network cards are inserted into the machine. There is no additional own card during the test. The triggering of the reboot is found in all ML350, DL380 and DL580.

The crash has been found only in one ML350 machine. The Dr.Watson log is attached in the word document. Please let me know if you need further information. Please phone me directly if there is any status.

It is using the new driver and Card version.

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Re: NC7770 on WinNT, Server Reboot

Hi Daphne,

I have 3 suggestions. Please try them one at a time so that you can hopefully isolate the problem: -

1- Make sure you are using Gigabit driver kit for NT4 Version 7.30.730.0 (Q57NT4.SYS). If not, download it from here. This includes the Teaming Driver.

Try your test again after this update

2- Update the system BIOS on your ML350-G3 to 2/24/2004. From your files, this is currently 11/01/2003. The link to the latest BIOS is here.

Try your test again after this update

3- Move the NC7770 which is in PCI slot 2, to slot 3. This will move it to a different PCI BUS from the other NC7770. The bindings should sort themselves out as this is the second NC7770 card.

Try your test again after this change

I hope this helps.