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NIC Insight Notifications


NIC Insight Notifications

I'm setting up a few new servers.


My existing servers are windows 2008, use HP's Nic Teaming software, and if a connection fails for any reason (cable unplugged, nic failure, port on switch, etc), I get a notification from Insight that its degraded.


Now on the new servers, Windows 2012, using MS NIC Teaming and the team is for Hyper-V so it is made not available to the host.  Now I get no notifications.  If one is unplugged, the network adapter shows as unplugged in Windows, but the SMH has no info on it under Network Adapters (my guess is becuase it is being segragated from the host by Hyper-V), although it does show up in the IML that they are down.  I can confirm Event Notification is working otherwise as i'm getting notifications about power supply redundancy, iLo NIC status, etc.


Has anyone seen a solution or workaround for this?  I can't find anything in MS NIC teaming that allows for notification.