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NIC Link Loss Problems

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

NIC Link Loss Problems

I have a Proliant 1600 and 3000 on two HI Pro Curve 224M switches that experience the following errors in the event log and on the Server LCD Display. The errors occur every few minutes an last for a few seconds.

CpqNF31 : Network link is down. Please check your cabling. See documentation for more information or contact your service provider.

The device driver, CpqNF31, reported a warning: Network Adapter Link Down (Slot 7, Port 1)

CpqNF31 : Network link has been restored

Both machines have 1 Netelligent NC each so the IQ issue is not present. The switches are set to 10 mas/half up and I have upgraded the NC drivers, all with no luck.
The only way I got around the issue was to place a HI 10 mas HUB between the switch and the server. This HACK took care of the problem temporarily but I am hoping there is some REAL fix for the issue.

NOTE: I have a DELL Power Edge 4400 on the same switch that does NOT experience the problem. HMMMM

COMPAQ....Any suggestions...other than getting rid of the COMPAQs and getting two more DELLs :-) Yes...I thought about replacing the NIC cards but one is embedded and besides, its the principal of it...the stuff should work!!!
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: NIC Link Loss Problems

I have the same problems on the embedded NIC on a 1600. The problem started after an old EFS upgrade to EFS 5.36 and CIM 4.90. The problem seems to be the reporting of link lost, not that the NIC actually does lose the connection! The server has work for two years, and this problem goes away by downgrading back to the original EFS. I played with fixed/auto settings, half/full duplex, with limited success. I even used a cross over cable to another machine, which does not report a problem when the 1600 thinks it lost link.
Yes it does work, but the messages will mask any real errors.