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NIC/Nerwork problem with RH7.1 on DL380G3

Eddie Li
Occasional Contributor

NIC/Nerwork problem with RH7.1 on DL380G3

Due to customer's application requirement, I use RedHat 7.1 on DL380 G3. Things are going fine during installation. After login and started config the network card, problems occurd.
I can only see 'lo' by using ifconfig -a, and cannot see the 'etho' or 'eth1'
I tried download the bcm5700 driver from hp web pages but only see RH7.2 are available with version 2.2.23-1 but it got conflict while building in RH7.1
Then I tried the ver 2.0.25-1 which is for G2 and RH7.1 but cannot initialise the device during installation "insmod".

Any advice will be appreciated.