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NIC Teaming on DL380 G6

Valued Contributor

NIC Teaming on DL380 G6

I have an issue when trying to create an aggregate port on the NC382i on a DL380 G6.


Here is the background:


The issue at is on my master backup server running Windows 2003 64-Bit Enterprise SP2. The server is being used to back up to a recently installed Data Domain device. I have successfully teamed the 4 onboard NICs to allow faster backups in other sites, as well as on the secondary servers at this site, but cannot on this one master server. Whenever more than 1 port on this server is enabled and begins to go into use the server crashes within 5-10 minutes of high load being applied. (The backups are performed using Symantec Net backup 7.01) All external cables and switches were checked and verified to be in good operating condition. System board was swapped by HP, but nothing has changed performance wise. HP has provided 2 or 3 different drivers for the NIC to try and resolve the issue but nothing has worked.


Any and all advice is appreciated!