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NIC Teaming on Linux BL20pG3

J H_1
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NIC Teaming on Linux BL20pG3

I'm in research mode at this point, not yet a user, and have the following HA questions:

Q1: I understand that there is support for NIC teaming on Linux but is it true that dual channel NIC teaming is not currently supported (on RH | Suse)?

Q2: If Q1 is true, how can one remove a given switch (A | B) as a single-point-of-failure within the blade enclosure? I'm left with NIC redundancy but not switch redundancy.

For instance, on a given server, I'd like to team (bond) server ports 1 & 3 which connect via the backplane to both switches - if one of the switches dies, the connection is still available via the other switch.

However, if Q1 above is true, I'm able to team only server ports 1 & 2 which connect via the backplane to Switch A - if switch A goes, the connection is severed.

Are my assumptions correct or am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance