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NIC Teaming on W2k Domain Controllers

Charles Pippin_1
Occasional Contributor

NIC Teaming on W2k Domain Controllers

We are installing some new W2k Domain Controllers to replace some older systems that have Exchange 2000 and DC services combined on them.

The servers we are introducing are Proliant DL380's. We like the idea of using the NIC teaming feature for smart switching if a port fails. We have each port going to seperate Cisco 6509 Switches.

During the install of DNS, DHCP and WINS services these services reported that some of our NICs were running dynamic addresses and that this is not recommended for reliability.

Since these are going to be the new DC's I do not have DHCP addresses on them. I have static addresses assigned to the HP Teaming software.

I assume this error is because of that and its more of just and informational message. I just want to be sure of that before running DCPromo and moving the FSMO roles to these servers.

Can anyone confirm my assumptions or give me additional information I need to be aware of? Is NIC teaming on a W2k DC a bad idea?

I appreciate any and all information..

Thanks in Advance!
Chanler Childs
Frequent Advisor

Re: NIC Teaming on W2k Domain Controllers

You may want to check your NICs out. As I recall, installing the Network Teaming will unbind everything but the Network Teaming software from the physical NIC and place TCP/IP etc on the new virtual NIC. (which windows will set to dhcp)
Charles Pippin_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: NIC Teaming on W2k Domain Controllers

You are correct. The HP Teaming software does take over the IP responsibilities. It does allow you to set a static IP.

When you do an IPCONFIG /ALL you only see one nic in the list and its IP address. Just as if you only had 1 nic.
Honored Contributor

Re: NIC Teaming on W2k Domain Controllers

Hi Charles,

I would ask a few questions here:

1) What teaming configuration are you using? If you want fault-tolerance and transmit load balancing for IP traffic only, then you should configure the team to Transmit/Adaptive load balancing.Note, that there is a teaming mode called "Fault Tolerant" which only does that but no load balancing.

2) Please NOTE that you can not connect different NICs of a team to different switches. I would recommend reading Hp white paper on Teaming on their web site. From what I recall tho is if you want to connect NICs to different switches, you will need to disable spanning tree on these NIC ports and enable spanning tree on the link ports joining the switches.

3) There is also a Swicth assisted load balancing mode that should allow you to load balance transmit and receive traffic for all protocols. This would additionally require you to configure multi trunk on your switch ports tho.

4)Multiple IPs on a team is again not supported so be wary of its use on your DCs if you plan to run WINS or seperate service IPs as well as host IPs.

Hope this helps and I earn some points:))


Charles Pippin_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: NIC Teaming on W2k Domain Controllers

I currently have the teaming set to fault tolerant with smart switching failover.

Each nic is in seperate switches but both switches are in the same broadcast domain.

The servers will only have 1 IP each.
John Goodwin_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: NIC Teaming on W2k Domain Controllers

Charles i have had this too on W2K and W2k3 This is an informational error only and wont have any effect on your systems. you can get around this warning by giving both NICS static IP addresses BEFORE you team them, But once you team them you will need to set the Correct IP address for the Server.

(i usually give them a 192.168.0.x address before teaming then give the team the correct address after teaming)