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NIC Teaming problems

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NIC Teaming problems

Good morning people,

We started having this really weird problem on our network. Nothing has change since these problems started.

We team the network cards, and everything will be running. Then, after a reboot, we cannot ping certain important IP addresses. We have to disable one nic to get the comms through.

When the cables are plugged into the same switch, it works, but when they are plugged into two different switches, it does not. I've read a bit on trunking and stacking, but cannot find what I am looking for. Is there some config that needs to be done on teh switches for this to work? The teaming type that was setup is on Automatic. I have not tested TLB, NFT or anything else.

Thanks in advance.
Bart VI
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Re: NIC Teaming problems

Try setting your team to NFT.
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Re: NIC Teaming problems

which servers model?

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Ravindra Muniraj
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Re: NIC Teaming problems

Please adjust the speed of the port in the Switch according to the NIC card of the server.If your Server NIC card supports 1000 Mbps, then the switch port speed should be set to 1000 Mbps.

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Re: NIC Teaming problems

If you are looking for a Load balancing solution (TX and RX) you will need some config done on the switch, it will be either static trunk or LACP, this is for SLB and 802.3ad team.

If you connect each cable to a different switch and leave the team auto mode, it must go to TLB and it should work fine. NFT will work also.

The only requirement for NFT and TLB is that both ports belong to the same VLAN and you have a valida path between those ports to the heartbeat frame can be sent/received.

If you need help with the switch config, let me know the model.